T-TRACK SYSTEM is a company specialized in Automatic Timing Systems, GPS Sport Tracking  and Sport Communications. We are based in Italy and Bulgaria.

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Automatic Timing System*

  • Wireless timing system
  • Basic Timing System without operator assistance (if requested)
  • Live results
  • On-line live results
  • On-line subscription to the race
  • Heart Rate Monitor (for endurance riding competitions)
  • Creation of digital loop maps of the ride
  • On-line payment services
  • Data exportation
  • Event advertising on our Social Media channels
* Timing could be completely automatic and needs no operator assistance. The system is entirely controlled by our remote software.
Clear instructions will guide you to self-installation and use of our timing system.

GPS Recording Sport Tracking

Real time positioning of participants gives fans, media and other interested parties the opportunity to follow the event live from all over the world.
A lot of advantages are offered by T-Track system Sport Solution to event organizers:
Live GPS tracking with a combination of GSM/GPS technologies.
Our devices are flexible enough to suit every race need.


  • Real time positioning GPS
  • Event recording system (you can check and control all athletes any time you like)
  • Export GPX and activity files for each athletes
  • The map can show all categories at the same time or just one
  • The map shows the riders/athletes and horses list on the right side of the map. Start list with riders and horses in the map
  • Different flag colouring per category and country
  • Time gap and distance between athletes along the race track (this is important for team strategy in a championship)
  • Instant speed for each rider
  • Elevation profile live
  • Distance between the riders and the finish line or point of interest

Why should you use it?

T-Track system was founded above all for the safety & health of horses and athletes.
The system adds security, full transparency and worldwide visibility to the event.
Choose T-Track system and monitor every movement of the participants.
Anyone can follow the race in real time from all over the world, having the feeling of being there personally.

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